About Us


Our Background

Based in Prince Edward Island, Canada, COWS Creamery is a division of COWS Inc. that produces quality cheese and butter. COWS has grown significantly since its creation in 1983, but the same old-fashioned ingredients are still used today in the production of our delicious and premium products in Charlottetown, PEI.


Our Cheeses

COWS Creamery began making cheese in 2006 with our Avonlea Clothbound Cheddar. It is handmade in the style of the great traditional English cheddars and aged for 12-18 months in a cheese cave in Charlottetown, PEI.

We then began making our COWS Creamery Extra Old Cheddar shortly thereafter, followed by the addition of the Appletree Smoked Cheddar in 2011.

In 2018, the COWS Creamery cheddar line was expanded to add 1-year-old, 2-year-old, and 3-year-old cheddars.

COWS Creamery uses recipes from the Orkney Islands, north of mainland Scotland to produce all of our cheddars in Prince Edward Island. The milk of Holstein cows from small local Prince Edward Island farms is gently heated, but not pasteurized so all beneficial microbes can thrive and give depth of character and flavour. The salt air and iron-rich soil of Prince Edward Island combine to add unique flavours and premium quality to our cheddars.

In 2022, COWS Creamery launched Blue Moo, our triple cream blue cheese. Blue Moo has a deliciously rich, butter-like texture that is enjoyed by blue lovers and novices alike!

COWS Creamery cheddars have been highly acclaimed around the world and have received numerous awards over the years. Most recently, our Avonlea Clothbound Cheddar was named Grand Champion Overall at the 2022 SIAL International Cheese Competition! 


Our Butters

We began making our COWS Creamery Sea Salt Butter in 2010, followed by our Unsalted Butter in 2011, and added our Sea Salt Cultured Butter in 2016.

Containing 84% butter fat, our COWS Creamery premium butters have a richer taste compared to regular butters which contain 4% less butter fat. By churning the cream slower and longer in traditional churns, our COWS Creamery butters have a creamier taste, with a silkier texture. 


Our Quality Standards

COWS Creamery is proud to be based in Prince Edward Island, and we place great importance on supporting local businesses in our communities to produce delicious and high quality, premium products.

An integral part of our COWS Creamery products is the milk that we use to produce them. Prince Edward Island milk is the only milk we use when producing our cheddar, butter, and ice cream. We know that it adds flavour and quality to our delicious premium products.