2017 Reserve Cheddar

The Story

2017 Reserve Cheddar on a Table

The recipe for COWS Creamery Cheddar comes from the Orkney Islands, north of mainland Scotland.

The milk of Holstein cows from the small local farms in the rolling hills of Prince Edward Island is gently heated but not pasteurized so all beneficial microbes can thrive and give depth of character and flavor. The salt air and iron-rich soil of Prince Edward Island combine to add flavor and quality to this cheddar.

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Product Information


  • Bars – 2 x 2.5kg (approximate weight)


  • Vegetable rennet is used and no colour is added.
  • Our cheese is all natural.
  • Made with thermized milk - The milk is gently heated, which preserves the microorganisms and enzymes in raw milk that give cheddar its characteristic flavour.

Flavour Profile

A delicious balance of sweet, salty, and umami flavours.

The texture is smooth and toothsome, flecked with crunchy tyrosine crystals.

Rich and full-bodied with a tangy bite at the end.


2023 – SIAL International Cheese Competition Champion – Cheddar Cheese More Than 12 Months-Old